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s.He had to cut his way through af●ter leaving the lower river, whi●ch was open for navigation.The riv▓er had n

ever been used high up for that sort o▓f craft, and was full of logs, et▓c.; besides, in places it was difficult to f●ind the right channel, and his descri▓pt

  • by smaller craft th▓an
  • the Pee Dee, open flats,
  • boats square a▓t each end, an
  • d 50 feet long● by 12 feet
  • wide.I well remember the ?/li>
  • 坮eport made by the capt
  • ain of the first crew s?/li>
  • 馿nt up Black River.It was t


image 2

ion of going through a secti●on where the river was broken up by low isl●ands, or shoals

into several ap●parent channels, all of which were s▓hallow, except one, was most exciting.N●one of these men had ever been on this r●iver or in that locality before, ●and only the drilling and direction given them b▓y my father could have carried them through; ●but they went through, and

after▓ that there was a regular line▓ going.But these flats being smalle●r and open and no decks, were much more liab▓le to damage the cargo; still very ▓little was lost, strang

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